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Topics: Linens, Towel, Terrycloth Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: February 25, 2012
The Peninsula Manila is my dream hotel. I really enjoyed my stay there and finally, my dreams came true. I have used to render my 500 hours there and I so loved it. I was assigned in the Housekeeping Department which are headed by Ms. Marimil Ermita, the Executive Housekeeper and Mr. William Ty, the Assistant Executive Housekeeper. I was so happy when I assigned in the rooms because I got a chance to see and learned all the things that I needed to experience and also to maintain the standards of the hotel by following Peninsula Behavioural Standards or PBS. Mr. William Ty had conducted an orientation. He discussed first the General Information of the hotel and I have learned so many things such as the history of the hotel including the Peninsula locations, Executive Officers of the entire hotel, Food Outlets, Function Rooms, Room Configuration and the most important, the Richey International. My first day in the hotel was wonderful because I had got to be assigned at the 3rd Ayala Wing. I have learned so many things through the help of my buddy Mr.Rio. By that time, my supervisor was Mr. Dan Derit. He used to be strict when it comes to work but he’s such a nice person. I was so happy because I was assigned in the floor where I can see the Lobby. Something not so good had happened to me but not that crucial. I only used to have a duty for one week in the rooms and I was having difficulties of cleaning the rooms because my eyes are blurred. I couldn’t see the damages of the linens and the dirt along the carpeted floor but I learned a lot because I had familiarized all of the stuffs needed in every room, the amenities, different types of rooms and most importantly was the cleaning of the entire room, the beddings, the dusting and also the machines that were being needed when making up a room.

I then next assigned at the Laundry Department which is headed by Mr. Juan Carag. I used to be assigned in the folding area where the linens had been folded properly. I used...
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