Summary of Henry Fifth

Topics: Battle of Agincourt, Henry V of England, Henry V Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Wei Jing—Henry V
The movie named Henry V is mainly talking about the king of England-Henry V, who leaded the army of England to win a great victory in the battle of Agincourt. In the movie, we can find the progress of wining was very difficult and long. However, Henry V applied his great skills of approaching, credibility, confident, and many other leadership traits. At last, he guided his ground forces to beat up France soldiers within his intelligence and effort. In the movie, Frenchmen were a typical representative of the” Great Man” theory which we discussed in class. They thought they were born skillful and rich. They were so arrogant that they thought they could beat England easily. And they never thought about the strategies and how strong Henry V was. On the contrary, even though Henry was a “playing boy” in his youth, he seriously took the responsibility of being a king as soon as he ascended the throne. He bravely accepted French’s provocation. I remember clearly that Henry delivered a lot of speeches before and within the battle. All of them gained a favorable effect on his followers. For example, he gave a speech prior to the combat at Harfleur. He acted his baronial soldiers on reward, to say that anyone who fight with him would be his brother and share the glory of the victory. He was well mentioned on their bring-ups. He accented they had better arrive at their parents comprise pleased them to encourage the fighting sprits. He was also acted as a very good communicator, he dressed as a commander the night before the battle to got closer with his army and tried hard to communicate with them to know their thoughts and moods about the coming war. He communicated well with those people and got important information from them. What is more, he was very good at strategic planning, he showed his disciplines all over through the story. When he hang his friend Bardof because he rubbed a church, he was not only telling the religious respect, but more...
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