Summary of Effect of Teamwork in Employee Performance

Topics: Motivation, Reward system, Organization Pages: 3 (758 words) Published: August 21, 2013
Summary of journal about effect of teamwork on employee performance The research analyses the performance of the performance of the staff members of an education department of a in a province of Pakistan called KPK. Researchers use some measures including spirit de corps, team trust, recognition and rewards. And they proved that teamwork and those measures positively affect the employee performance. They put this research as self-administered questionnaires distributed in directorate of that department and four colleges in Peshawar and Kohat area. The study recommends that to adapt teamwork activities in order to enhance the employee performance. 4 measures of employee performance: team trust, esprit de corps, recognition and rewards.

❖ Team working and employee performance
o Employee team is a collection of individuals who are interdependent in the tasks and who share responsibility for the outcomes. And team enables people to cooperate, enhance individual skills and provide constructive feedback without any conflict between individuals.

o Most of organizational activities become complex because of the advancement in technology therefore teamwork is a major focus of many organizations. o There was a research of Plaff and Huddleston in 2003 indicated that teamwork is necessary for all types of organizations including non-profit organizations. o The organizations which focus on teams have results in increased employee performance, productivity and better problem solving at work. o Self-management team and interpersonal team skills enhance the communication as well as interpersonal relationship between team members and boost the employee performances.

o A good manager is the one who assigns the responsibilities to his/her employee in a form of group or team in order to take maximum output from employees o Organizations with teams will attract and retain the best people. This in turn will create a high performance organization that is flexible,...
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