Summary of Corporate Communication

Topics: Public relations, Communication, Reporter Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Riad Ahmed

Corporate Communication is the set of activities involved in managing and orchestrating

all internal and external communications aimed at creating favorable point-of-view among

stakeholders on which the company depends. It’s a part or Public Relations. Public

Relations or PR is an art of giving information to people without showing any sales pitch. Its

fundamental point is to influence specific decision makers to do what the company wants

them to do. People act based upon their perception of a certain company or organization. If

their perception is bad about a company, any product/services that company provides will

not be well received by the public even if those products/services have good quality. To

earn people’s respect a company needs to have a good PR team who are also good at

corporate communication. In corporate communication, credibility is very important.

Today’s generation are very skeptic and way more clever than before. They don’t believe in

direct messages anymore.

So, what to do to build credibility:
Reaching out to the public.
Partnering up with a trusted 3rd party.
Make friends with local news reporters.
Host public events.

As ROBI is the fastest growing mobile operator, it has a skilled team for PR management

and corporate communication. Specially, ROBI takes points no. 1, 3, 4, very seriously.

ROBI hosts a lot of public events like national and local tournaments, math Olympiads,

talents hunts, spelling bees etc. They also keep a good relation with local news reporters.

So that when they (reporters) hears any rumor about ROBI they talk to the PR team of

ROBI first before jumping to conclusion. The rewards of having an effective PR team is

quite simple. The company or the organization left a good imprint on people’s mind. And if

so, then the public will listen to that company easily....
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