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Safety Tips for Using Household Electrical Appliances
Electric Heater
Do not use an electric heater fitted with a 2-pin
Check for damage before use.
Do not use an electric heater near any
combustible materials.
Keep children away from an electric heater.
Avoid using portable electric heater inside a

Induction Cooker
Switch off an induction cooker if
its surface is cracked.
Switch off an induction cooker by
its control switch after use.
Ensure good ventilation for an
induction cooker.
Use only a cookware with a flat
bottom or curved bottom matched
with an induction cooker surface.
Do not use a steam cleaner to
clean an induction cooker.
Do not place metallic objects such
as knives, forks, spoons and lids on
an induction cooker.
Do not touch an induction cooker
surface immediately after cooking.
Do not place sealed cans on an
induction cooker surface.

Electric Blanket
Check for damage before use.
Do not use a wetted electric blanket.
Do not fold when in use.
Do not use for infant, person incapable of
self-care or insensitive to heat.
Switch off and unplug when not in use.

Shower type electric water heater

The installation and alteration of
any electric water heater must be





electrical contractor and a licensed
plumber. Do not do it yourself.
The water storage tank of a
shower type electric water heater
must not be pressurized.


shower type electric water heater
must only be fitted with an
unblocked open-outlet type water

Unvented thermal storage type electric water








operation, small amount of steam /
water may come out from the
showerhead. To prevent excessive
high pressure from building up
inside the tank and hence an
explosion, do not install an on/off
control valve at the water outlet or
connect the outlet to a basin or
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