Summary of Bandits of Bombay

Topics: Plot, Narrative, Narratology Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: October 15, 2012
The tale is told in first person by Feluda''s cousin Topshe, who tries hard to be as sharp and intelligent as the master detective. The narration is gentle and the language is simple and lucid. There are some very tense moments in the plot alternated with relatively light moments. The story also bears a tone of sarcasm towards the making of a commercial film in India. The suspense is the real shocker here, it is plain startling. But brilliant characterisation, an interesting plot which is shrouded in mystery and a shocking climax in the end, make this an absolute page-turner. The story begins with a murder in a lift of a high-rise building where Mr. Gore, a well known producer lives. Lalmohan babu who had come to enjoy the shooting of a movie, Jet Bahadur, based on his story, got unwittingly involved in this case when a piece of paper with his name was found in the lift. He had taken up the responsibility to deliver a packet which actually contained an extremely valuable necklace of historical importance. He by mistake delivers the wrong packet containing one of his own books, Bandits of Bombay. Feluda, who had helped Lalmohan writing the story, accompanied him to Bombay where he helped solve the mystery. It was up to Feluda now to solve the case which got more intriguing by the day, and his only lead was the scent of a perfume. Everything is revealed at the end when the shooting in the train is taking place. Mr. Gore had gone out to rent the train for shooting. While Feluda, Topshe and Lalmohan were sitting in the first class compartment of the train, Sanyal, a smuggler, who had asked Mr. Ganguli to deliver the packet, entered the train. He threatened Lalmohan babu to return the real packet, pointing a gun towards him. During the process Victor, a stuntman, saw Feluda with his arms raised and thus jumped into the compartment to rescue him. In the end, Feluda reveals the real face, Mr. Gore behind all this when he pulls off the fake beard.
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