Summary of Australian Local People

Topics: Health care, Culture, Nursing Pages: 4 (1132 words) Published: July 18, 2010
Annotated bibliography
Eckermann, A, Dowd, T, Chong, E, Nixon, L, Gray, R & Johnson, S. 2010, Binan Goonj: bridging cultures in Aboriginal health, 3rd edition, Elsevier, Sydney.

The reading from the above source has 2 different chapters which include cultural vitality and cultural shock. The majority of chapter 4 is interpreting the potential rules and regulations inside the Aboriginal community structure. The topic was raised from a very basic topic which is the decision making among families and communities in order to fulfil the "Reciprocity". The most critical argument in this chapter is “Various kinship networks had been argued as one of the biggest cause of ‘complex and intricate’”. This argument was based on the connection between family and community while the family has to make a decision maybe have negative influence on their family members. But these decisions were suggested by community. Such activities were identified as cultural vitality. Major components of cultural vitality in Aboriginal community include: spirituality and identity, national land right. The issues have been identified in this part of the book include: reflections and struggles according to various examples of cultural vitality. Chapter 5 is defining the cultural shock and relevant processes and implications. The critical components in the content can be concluded as the explanation of signs and symptoms of cultural shock and interpretation of the shocks in Aboriginal hospitalisation. The appearance of cultural shocks was caused by the differences between the national culture and its subcultures. The major types of shocks were classified into four degrees which are discomfort, confusion, uncertainty and distress. Furthermore, there are five different phases of emotional and psychosocial adjustments and adoptions can be used to interpret signs and symptoms of cultural shocks. These signs and symptoms might impact on six major stressors for Aboriginal...
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