'Summary of and Response to a Graphic Novel’

Topics: Meaning of life, Novel, Literature Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: March 5, 2014
English 116

‘Major Project Two: Summary of and Response to a Graphic Novel’

In the Graphic Novel “Daytripper” by Moon, Fábio and Gabriel Bá, we explore a miracle child Brás de Oliva Domingos. In each chapter of the novel we uncover Brás’s life; furthermore, explaining and revealing people and events that have influenced his life in addition making him into the man he is at the end of “Daytripper”. Brás’s story is filled with all his life’s little and big moments that keep including his demise. Brás is a young writer living in his father’s shadow dreaming of starting his own writing career. Throughout the novel, Brás finds himself thinking of one’s own mortality. This really struck home in chapter ten. In the start of chapter ten Brás is riding home on a train from his doctor’s appointment. This is a very important aspect of the story as he starts to talk about change and moving into different stages in one’s life. This is strongly enforced by the scenery around the train and the words he used in his decision about what home is, “Brás realized that home is not a physical place at all, but a group of elements like the people you live with—a feeling, a state of mind” (234). He later discussed that he feels safer and at peace knowing that there is a home waiting for him to return too. The next scene is Brás coming home and talking with his wife, Ana, about not continuing treatments for his tumors. The depictions of the close up on Ana’s face with tears running down her face, shows that she cares deeply and worries for Brs safety and wellbeing. Their son, Migrel, is also very worried about his father’s health and the next scene is him having coffee with Brás, talking about his doctor’s appointment. Brás makes a statement about what do doctor’s really know, while lighting a cigarette. This show a contradiction to what Brás is actually meaning behind his words. He then goes to talk about, how he inherited: “two addictions… two passions I always shared with you...
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