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Topics: Suicide, Stephen Leacock, Suicide methods Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: October 28, 2006
The book that I have read for my ISU is Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town by Stephen Leacock this book is a book with many little stories that may not have any relation to each other, other then the fact that they are about the same people in the same town, the town is Mariposa. There are a few stories that are connected to another one but they are few. I will describe a few of these stories. The Hostelry of Mr. Smith

This story is about Mr. Smith, who is a hotel and a bar owner. One day he accidentally locks out Judge Pepperleigh and Macartney outside one to many times. Now these are two of the people who have the right to give and to take away others bar licenses, so they threatened to take away his bar license. Since Mr. Smith was not pleased so he decided that he would change his hotel to be like one that is in the cities. This included an addition of an underground dinning room with no windows, a French chief in a French café, and a girl's room. The public was please with these additions so they came to the thought that taking Mr. Smith's bar license was unfair so they made a petition that was signed by practically the whole town. Because of this petition Judge Pepperleigh and Macartney decided to drop the charges otherwise they would have a whole town upraising. The Speculations of Jefferson Thorpe

Jefferson Thorpe is Mariposa's barber; he offers shaves for five cents, hair cuts for fifteen cents, baths for fifty cents, Turkish shampoo for seventy-five cents, and Roman massages for one dollar. Jefferson always knew a lot about everything but what he really liked to talk about was finance and the money market. One day Jefferson invested in a stock called the Northern Star (a silver mine), which he bought at thirty-two. At first it seemed like it was locked in place but soon it started to loose and it went all the way down to three, but Jefferson held onto it the whole time. All of a sudden jumped back up to seventeen, and the whole town was ecstatic,...
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