Summary of 13th Warrior

Topics: Middle East, Hygiene, Jordan Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: December 11, 2001
The Thirteenth Warrior Essay

The middle east and western Europe have always been different. This is true now and was true back in the 10th century as this movie shows. One thing this movie shows that is not seen very often is what the two cultures are like when they met together peacefully. This movie displays the vivid differences of the nomadic Vikings and the intellectual Muslims.

First there were the Arabs who were far more civilized than the Vikings. They wore layers of elaborate garments also. The Arabs gave their children very long names with complicated meanings. The were also educated in many things and ideas. The Arabs were also extremely clean and neat. Their good hygiene help them live longer and healthier than the Europeans. One set back the Arabs had though was the uselessness of their women. The women in their society could not do anything and were considered possessions more than people.

Then there were the Vikings who were the exact and complete opposite of the Arabs. They had white-blondish hair unlike the Arabs thick black hair. They were not clean nor neat. They did not shave and did not understand the concept of manners. They wore metal garments that were no where near elaborate and lived in dark cold homes. They were better than the Arabs at some things though. One of them being their ability to fight. The Vikings were great warriors. And the other thing they excelled at was their water navigation skills. The Vikings also had a different role for their women. The female in this society is active and visible with nothing covering her face. They also listen to the women too. The two sexes are not equal but are a lot more than the Arabs as this movie accurately showed.
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