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Summary: It’s Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat by Shannon Brownlee

Topics: Fast food, Nutrition, Food, Junk food / Pages: 2 (294 words) / Published: Jun 11th, 2013
Kristin Tambongco
Period 3-Thorsen
English 11 CP
September 18, 2012

Summary: Portion Distortion

In “It’s Portion Distortion That Makes America Fat” by Shannon Brownlee, Brownlee states that fast-food companies are the ones to be blamed for the obesity problem in America. Fast-food restaurants have already been sued for not warning consumers of the effects their meals have on their health, but yet they continue to progress in ways to make their company sell. For example, they target customers who are known to eat at such restaurants, usually young single males. From research it was known that the males who ate junk food frequently did not want to spend time cooking their own meals and preferred the fast-food because it was fast and cheap. Therefore, companies like Taco Bell decided to drop prices on food to lure more customers to their restaurant, and inevitably more customers were brought in. However, it did not stop there, businesses selling fast-food increased portion sizes to satisfy the customers while still maintaining a low-priced meal. Not only did the customers benefit but so did the company because for every dollar they charged, only 20 cents would go towards the actual food. In spite of the fact they were making profit, fast-food restaurants still made an effort to make the customer buy more. As a customer was ready to pay for their meal, the server asks if they would like a larger size item for a price under 1 dollar and just as surely the customer gives in and pays the extra 73 cents. Indeed it is certain that fast-food restaurants have done a great job at bringing customers into their stores, but ultimately they are paying for it now.

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