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Attempt to Say Nothing in 750 Words
An English class has rarely been a subject that majority of students be apt to love. There are always quite a few assignments to write and as the years of education increases, the assignments are needed to be in more standardized and complicated requirements. Essays are no longer written in single sentences, paragraphs, or short summaries about yourself, or something interesting, in my point of view. It will always be about an article or something to be researched for more information. Are you capable to write an exaggeration of nonsense? An author named Paul Roberts writes an article on "How to Say Nothing in 500 words," to teach students how to complete the task in a proper manner to gain that grade every student hopes for, an A. As said before, the task becomes more intricate as we step up a level each year of education. Throughout this essay, an attempt is made to summarize the author's explanation about how to say nothing.

Paul Roberts has written a various amount of articles to help increase the knowledge of students on how to write and understand the infamous language called English. It was said to be the "art of writing to the science of composition."(Roberts) The author introduces the article by simply, nothing at all. He only exemplifies the life of college students of all the things we have to do due to our daily routine other than writing an essay for our English classes. An essay fairly difficult to begin, yet, it is bound to get done one way or another throughout the length of time until the due date. He sets an example on college football and how it impacts the player's daily life and states that it is important to gain the instructor's attention because there will be common opinions beneath the minds of three hundred or more student's essays. Reading many essays about the same topics is not going to interest the instructor for hours. Shall we start the interest with your paper? Robert's input...

Cited: Roberts, Paul. "How to Say Nothing in 500 Words." The Mercury Reader. Ed. Janice Neuleib, Kathleen Shine Cain and Stephen Ruffus. Boston: Pearson, 2005. 94-108.
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