Summary Everyman

Topics: Medieval philosophy, Debut albums, Knowledge Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: October 12, 2008
Everyman is a very interesting play, that shows how every single person has the responsibility to do good things during his live, and then at his death, God will judge him for all his sins he make during his live. The purpose of this essay is to show that God has a purpose for all of us and we can choose whether accept his purpose or no. The story begins when God was thinking that everyman had made a lot of sins so He sent Death to take to Everyman the message that he must go on a long journey; that he must prepare to make his accounting before God. But everyman denied to leave earth, he says that he is not ready and asks for more time also, offers to the Death one thousand pounds if he forgive him but Death refuses saying that all riches in the world would be his if he did that type of illegal business. Moreover, Everyman next request was if he will be allowed to return after he has give his account to God but he guarantee him that the place he is going to there is no way to return but at least he can find someone to join him on the journey that is very difficult. First, he found fellowship; he says that he will do anything for Everyman even to paid a wrong done by him at the risk of his own life, but when Everyman invites Fellowship to join him in the journey of Death, Fellowship quickly declines and rapidly go away. Then Everyman decides that blood unions might make stronger companions, so he approaches Kindred. At the beginning seems that Kindred will accompany Everyman. But when Kindred knows of the destination. He decline. Everyman is feeling lonely. Moreover, Everyman looks for Goods but he cannot help him too, no one of his “friends” help him so he thought that he choose wrong his friends.At last he recalls his Good Deeds and Good Deeds suggests that Knowledge can be of help, then Knowledge takes Everyman to visit Confession, because if Everyman learned that knowledge of his sins, he can find salvation. More after Everyman add new...
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