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In this chapter we will examine measurement procedures to assess the effects of brand knowledge, structures on these and other measures that capture market performance for the brand. There two methods which are explain in this chapter, such as : Comparative and Holistic Method.

Comparative methods are means to better assess the effects of consumer perceptions and preferences on consumer response to the marketing program and the specific benefits of brand equity. It examine consumer attitudes and behavior toward a brand to directly estimate specific benefits arising from having a high level of awareness and strong, favorable, and unique brand associations. There are two types of comparative methods : Brand-based comparative approaches and marketing-based comparative approaches.

The brand-based approach holds the marketing program fixed and examines consumer response based on changes in brand identification. One natural application of the brand-based comparative approach is product purchase or consumption research for new or existing products, as long as the brand identification can be hidden in some way for the “unbranded” control group. Brand-based comparative approaches are also useful to determine brand equity benefits related to price margin and premium. Brand-based comparative methods are particularly applicable when the marketing activities under consideration represents a change from past marketing of the brand. The main advantage of brand-based comparative approach is that because it holds all aspects of the marketing program fixed for the brand, it isolates the value of a brand in a very real sense.

The marketing-based compative approaches hold the brand fixed and examine consumer response based on changes in the market program. We can apply this approach by measure of brand commitment that relied on a step-by-step increase of the price difference between the brand...
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