Summary: Angela's Ashes

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English 4303A

Journal Entry 1 - 3/26/2012 1100

While reading chapter 1 of Angela’s Ashes, I am struck by the fact that people often compound a mistake i.e. Angela’s pregnancy by making another mistake i.e. the marriage between Angela and Malachy. Sad to say, but this trend still continues today. I know that my maternal grandmother got pregnant with my Aunt Nicole supposedly by accident. However, many in the family believe it was a result of a carefully orchestrated plot. My grandfather married my grandmother in an effort to do the right thing; despite the fact that they were clearly incompatible. My grandfather left my grandmother the very day that my Aunt Nicole started college. I always felt sorry for my grandfather as my grandmother can be a beast at times. I saw a lot of my grandfather in the character of Malachy. However, my grandmother and Angela were not similar in mannerisms or character traits.

Journal Entry 2 – 3/26/2012 1340

While reading chapter 3 of Angela’s Ashes, I can’t help but feel bad for the fictional brothers, Frank and Malachy. They are picked on relentlessly by their classmates for circumstances beyond their control. It is not Frank and Malachy’s fault that they are poor, have shabbily repaired boots or a pig’s head for Christmas. Unfortunately this is another trend that continues. While I myself have never been picked on, my mother was as a child. She explained to me how it felt in an effort to make sure I never teased anyone. Childhood bullying is considered a rite of passage to some. However, in today’s times bullying can be more vicious than ever due to technological advances. Back in the day children did get a reprieve from the bullying on weekends and after school hours. Today bullying can continue 24/7 via Facebook, Twitter, and texting.

Journal Entry 3 – 3/26/2012 1747

While reading chapter 4 of Angela’s Ashes, it reminds me of the many questions I have in my own mind regarding theology. I do not...
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