Summary and Response of “How Technology Makes Us better Social Beings”

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Summary and Response of “How Technology Makes Us better Social Beings”

In “How Technology Makes Us better Social Beings” Megan Gambino (2011) believes that although there are some research shows technology is harmful to people’s public relationship, there are more studies prove that technology can build more relationship for people. The author lists many different researches about both negative and positive effects of technology. Gambino is trying to let the reader believe the technologies have benefits to human’s social relationship. I have doubt on both side of Gambino’s opinion. Gambino builds a hypothesis about the adverse impacts of technologies by showing Robert Putnam’s concern in his book and the study from University of Arizona and Duke University. Those researches show that American people’s communication with others declines about 30 to 50 percentage. However, Gambino uses Keith Hampton’s average technology using frequency research and his internet communication research in public places show that the development of technology not only didn’t reduce people’s relationship but also increase people’s frequency of interaction with others. He also shows the report of Wilson’s family daily life reflects that technologies don’t drop family’s communication, which against the research from University of Arizona and Duke University. In his article Gambino writes about the influence of technology about people’s relationship and participation of social issues. He writes, “He surveyed 2,255 American adults this past fall and published his results in a study last month. ‘We’ve found the exact opposite—that people who use sites like Facebook actually have more close relationships and are more likely to be involved in civic and political activities.’ ” Gambino uses this Hampton’s research shows people have more interaction with other about their life or social problems and policies. I agree with the part about people are more tend to join political engagement...
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