Summary and Comparison studies Report on the research paper “Evolutionary Optimization of Business Process Designs”

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Resit Coursework 2014 for F21EC eCommerce Technology
A Summary and Comparison studies Report on the research paper “Evolutionary Optimization of Business Process Designs” by Ashutosh Tiwari, Kostas Vergidis and Rajkumar Roy.

Tiwari, Kostas and Roy’s (Tiwari, Vergidis, & Roy, 2007) Evolutionary Optimization of Business Process(BP) Designs provide high level of insight into business process redesign and optimization. The report outlines the importance of design and management of BPs for organisations. Citing various experts the authors state that Business Processes (BPs) vary widely with respect to its applicability. Various existing techniques and approaches for modelling, performance analysis and optimization of BPs are discussed and evaluated according to their applicability, strengths and weakness.


After reviewing the existing methods and techniques, the authors present their multi-objective optimization to solve scheduling problem based BPs. The results are discussed along with practical implications, limitations and future research to address these issues. The report concludes with suggestions on future research into building highly effective BP optimization method. According to the authors, companies need to design, constantly improvise and optimize BPs to reduce cost, improve quality and efficiency, adapt to changing requirements so as to stay ahead of competition in the market. The report cites some authors suggesting that a BP is mostly seen as collection of ordered activities to produce an output from input, while others suggest it as network of tasks. This is similar to the scheduling problem which allocates resources to tasks and hence techniques available to scheduling can be applied for capturing and modelling of BPs. BUSINESS PROCESS:

The authors state that BP modelling provides an effective
technique for designing and optimizing BPs within an organization and failure to do so could substantially undermine the productivity associated with the process and hence modelling of BPs play a significant role. The report states the importance of identifying the uses and purpose of the BP model while selecting the appropriate available modelling techniques. Two groups of BP models are listed in the report, the traditional diagrammatic models such as flowcharts and IDEF models which are qualitative in nature and lack dynamic and functional aspects for sophisticated analysis and the second being formal methods that can be quantified and also represented mathematically. The authors prefers formal methods as they can be 1) defined thoroughly and accurately 2) mathematically analysed to extract knowledge, draw conclusions and verified for consistency which is key to performance analysis and optimization. Three formal BP modelling techniques discussed in the report are:


Petri-nets - A formal graphical modeling language represented as a directed graph with formal semantics to record events and various states of the process. It offers various analysis techniques to evaluate the performance of modeled BP by calculating estimated throughput of the process, average throughput time for the job etc.

AI based language - This formal methodology constructed using Artificial Intelligence programming language defines a detailed formal specification of BP to achieve predefined business objectives. Five interconnected sub-models consisting of various concepts for each BP are specified and formally described using declarative logical language. The emphasis is on actor and role concepts as each role involves a set of responsibilities and actions carried out by the actor.

Resit Coursework 2014 for F21EC eCommerce Technology

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Scheduling based mathematical formulation – Is a formal BP model with an objective function to portray any business objective (i.e. cost) which can then be minimized or maximized by the optimization algorithm. This process design...

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