summary and application of ethical codes

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Summary and Application of Ethical Codes

Ethics and Legal Issues in Counseling
Walden University

Summary and Application of Ethical Codes
The American Counseling Association, The International Association of Marriage and Family Counseling Association and The American Mental Health Counseling Association bring together the foundation of standards and guidance that unifies the counseling profession. This foundation is made up of the ethical standards which the mental health profession follows, enabling the safety of both counselors and clients. The codes allow the licensed counselor to be educated, to have accountability, and to provide ways to improve their personal practices (Herlihy & Corey, 2006). The codes these associations developed help professional counselors navigate the dilemmas and challenges, ethical and legal, that they will face dealing with patients on a daily basis (Linde & Erford, 2010). A dilemma is a dilemma, because there is no easy answer to the problem at hand, and often attempting to question and/or solve it often brings to the surface more questions than it answers. There is no answer sheet to ethical dilemmas, but with practical application of the codes of ethics and the use of the ethical decision making process, counselors are given the tools to make the best ethical choices or the skills to seek guidance and assistance to do so. Similarities between the ACA and IAMFC codes of ethics

The American Counseling Associations code of ethics (2005) and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors code of ethics (2011) have several similarities. Both codes of ethics have a similar missions requesting counselors promote the advancement of training, practices, research and development of counselors, so that the counselor may promote and encourage the healthiest life choices, growth and development of skills for their clients. Both the ACA and IAMFC stress the importance of client...

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