Summary Analyse and Response " from Fighting Words"

Topics: Black people, Combat, Writing Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Bruno Asobo
Instructor Budd
Eng. 111
24 -08-2013
From Fighting Words
In his essay “from Fighting Words” Richard Wright wrote about words used specifically to incite violence. Wright was interesting to discover what was hiding in this written indictment from H.L Mencken that lot readers in that moment disagree. In relation to Wright words can be used as a powerfully weapon. Wright demonstrated that courage is the main factor for using fighting words. The first suggestion Wright presented was in the bank lobby stood at the counter and took a Memphis Mencken whose was editor of the American Mercury. But Wright was novice about him. The article was a serious blame regarding H.L Mencken. Wright was concerning about this accusation and try to determine the reason of that , so by processing assumption concluded that he must be a person who plead for a cause which related to the concept of Negroes who was emphasized to the South. In order, to read the article as a black boy a lot obstacle were in his way so made his mind to use a person who could give access to the library. And one morning Wright found one of the Catholic members who were against his fellow position. And received favor for him to use his wife library cards in one condition to be more carefully and by discerning what is right and wrong. And Wright came to the conclusion there are a lot to figure out in this book. He could not take the book if he did not confirm to book at the library by using the same letter and presenting himself as did not know how to read. When Wright open book and began to read. He was unpleasant by the style that Wright used in his book. He discover that the man knew how to manipulated words, and found out that he used words as a weapon to express his ideas. But, he point out courage is essential in fighting words. He was not only fascinated with H.L Mencken but with several that H.L Mencken listed in his development. According to Wright, “All literature is protest. You...

Cited: Wright, Richard. From Fighting Words: The Arlington Reader. New York: Bedford, 2011. Print.
Wright, Richard.” Critical Lens Essay Black Boy” (2013), p2-p3 web. 24 AUG 2013.
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