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Boys Will Be Boys
In the article “Boys Will Be Boys”, Barbara Kantrowitz and Claudia Kalb, the authors introduced boys are different from girls by a story at the start, and then describe that boys and girls really come from two completely different “planets”, and give some statistics to back this up. Boys and girls have two different “crisis points”, which are stages of emotional and social development, where things can go seriously wrong. Kantrowitz and Kalb both think that boys aren’t get enough attention as girls and boys should needed more help because they are the ones who are more likely to have discipline problems at school and more likely to commit violent crimes and end up in jail. The following, Kantrowitz and Kalb use many interesting stories and statistics, to help the reader understand the difference between boys and girls, like embryonic stage and infants. Later on in the article, another big difference that is pointed out by the authors is that boys and girls develop physically and intellectually at a very different rates. The authors think that parent is vital in the boys growing up. Because parents can do many things to teach their children like call a family meeting, specifically with boys. In the last of the article, Kantrowitz and Kalb wish the parents of boys should go with the flow, and get the conclusion “Boys will be boys. And we have to let them”. Critique:

I think boys are in trouble, and it is boys we need to turn our attention to, because we took too more our concern over the status of girls raised by the women's movement. Boys aren’t the man, they are still adolescent, and need our care and love as little girls. Like the authors said that boys and girls are different in the emotional and social, boys more weak to girls in physiological and psychological in the early age, so parents and teachers should give more education and encourage, but punishment only. I consider parents and teachers also should learn more about boys...
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