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1. Mgmt 314 – Strategic Management Introduction & Overview Introduction Tutorial arrangements Overview of strategy.

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procedures  See Subject Outline for details  Capstone Course & Prerequisites  Subject Outline & Objectives  Texts  Teaching & Assessment  Tutorial program  Mid-session test  Final examination  Others (Plagiarism,..).


Subject Outline
Subject outline available from:  Commerce subject outline system  Subject’s eLearning site If you are unable to print a copy of the outline, requests for a hard copy can be made at: • • • •

Use your SOLS to get to eLearning for subject Moodle is now used by Faculty for eLearning For info, go to: P__-CzASKQLgJB1WESv9

Commerce Central counter Email Hard copy outlines will be available 48 hours after your request Email notification confirming collection time and location will be sent to you. For help: or call x8500. 4

Other web sources
Textbook site
 

Coordinators & Lecturers
Associate Professor A B Sim Dr Roshni Narendran (week 9-13)  Room 40.117 Tel: 02 4221 3729  Consultation times: Thursday 13.30-14.30 • Friday 12.30-14.30

eReadings (required ereadings will be marked by asterisk (*) in lecture notes. Accessed thru library website or eLearning Other reputable databases and sites.

Tutorial groups Autumn 2012
Thursday Thursday Thursday Friday Friday Friday Thursday Section A Section B 10:30- 12.30 (Rm 19.2102) - Group 1A 2B 13.30- 15.30 (Rm 40.122) - Group 3A 4B 17.30- 19 .30 (Rm 24.104) - Group 5A 6B 10:30- 12.30 (Rm 19.2043) Group 7A 8B 12:30- 14.30 (Rm 19-2043) - Group 9A 16:30- 18.30 (Rm 19-1067) - Group 11A 09:30- 11.30 (Rm 19.1083) - Group 13A 10B 12B 14B Tutor AH/AH AH/AH PL/PL AB/PL EQS/EQS FZ/FZ PL/PL

Head Tutor: : Eunice Quintana-Smark ( for admin matters 

Section A Tutorial Groups meet on Weeks 2, 5, 8, 10 &12 of semester. Section B Tutorial Groups meet on Weeks 3, 6 ,9, 11 & 13 of semester. See specific cases for each week in Subject Outline. The above groups are subject to enrollment numbers EQS=Eunice Quintana-Smark; PL=Paul Lindeberg; FZ=Frank Zammit; AH=Amlan Haque; AB=AB Sim.

Contact details & consultation times will be provided by tutors. 7


Tutorial Enrollment

 

On the SMP system. Pl enroll there online before closing on 73-2013 (or earlier) and with the Head tutor thereafter. Enrollment must be made by week 2. Students who have not enrolled will be allocated to groups with vacancies. Changes to tutorials may be made subject to availability. Pl apply to the Head tutor. Final tutorial group allocations will be posted in eLearning space in week 2 Any mutual switches between students must be notified by both parties to the lecturer for final change to take effect Pl inform the Head tutor or lecturer if you have withdrawn from any tutorial group to allow the place to be allocated to another student Students are to attend their first tutorial. If you are absent and have not given prior notification, your place will be given to other students who want the time slot. 9

 Thinking

Strategically  What is strategy?  Strategy & Business Model  Strategic Management Process.


Thinking Strategically: The Three Big Strategic Questions
1. Where are we now? 2. Where do we want to go?
   

What is Strategy?
 

“Strategos” - General. Art of the General Strategy is management’s “action plan” for competing successfully and operating profitably, based on an integrated arrays of considered choices 

Business(es) to be in and market positions to stake out? Buyer needs and groups to serve? Directions to head? Type of company to be?

Strategy is about how...
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