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Summarise learning and teaching strategies used in own specialism 1.1
My own specialism is health care, particularly pre hospital care, from simple first aid through to recognising and treating life threatening conditions. For example, the management of cardiac arrest. My target learner is the lay person, a person with little or no medical training or health care professionals who have no training or little experience in the pre hospital environment for example a GP or dentist. Identifying needs and assessing learning is my main strategy as a teacher. So I may be assigned a group of learners who need to acquire a “First Aid At Work” qualification. (, 2014)

I would initially asses existing knowledge, would the lesson be starting from the very basics or working on some existing knowledge? I would insure I have a suitable learning environment, taking into consideration suitable furnishing, space for practical demonstrations and scenarios, with little outside distractions as possible. For example, non-learners would not be present, giving the learners confidence to take part in activities or be vocal. Safe, with regards to fire exits. A dynamic risk assessment (, 2014) would be carried out before each session. Suitable toilet and other facilities need to be available.

My teaching strategy would be performing a task as an example, repetition of the task and simple explanations to what I am doing are factors I will use to help retain and re-enforce information given, Dales Cone of Learning suggests that the Active learning method enables 90% of what is taught to be remembered. Dale, (1969). Or, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC). So the basic structure of my teaching plans will be theory, practical demonstration, repeat demonstration, learner participation, questions and answers. I will ensure that my knowledge and information is up to date by keeping up with; NICE guidelines (

Resus council (
British Heart Foundation (
Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison Committee (

1.2 Explain how approaches to learning and teaching in own specialism meet the needs of learners The emphasis here is on the importance of experience, meaning, problem-solving and the development of insights (Burns 1995, p.112) I have discovered that the cognitive theories of learning can be applied to my learners to help me to understand the way in which my students can best learn from the subject I’m teaching. So I plan my lessons with theory, then a demonstration, indicating various tools/ways in which the task can be completed. Then I have a practical activity, where I sometimes break the students into groups, which enables them to explore the possibilities in solving something of their own using the techniques demonstrated. During the theory part of the session, I gauge what the learner already knows by asking questions. For example; I would open a session with ”What is a cardiac arrest?” and then go on to discuss what cardiac arrest is and build on any existing knowledge. With the back ground knowledge I run through a practical demonstration of how to manage some in cardiac arrest, step by step, explaining what I’m doing, the potential hazards and possible different outcomes and how to manage them. This is not done in real time but in a step wise approach taking time to explain each step and answer questions accordingly. When satisfied that the learners understand the correct order of events I perform a real time demonstration, followed by brief questions and answers, I then get the learners to perform the task in real time, giving encouragement and help as they need it, followed by brief feedback. We access learning through all our senses, but generally favour one. We process visually (by sight), auditorally (by...

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