Sultan Center Case Study

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Beginning with the corporate history and its background, Sultan Center is one of the most known corporates in the world. According to The Sultan Center’s brochure, Sultan Center is classified as one of the largest retailer that has a diverse range of services and products across the Middle East and the Gulf region (8). Actually its achievements through 1997 to 2013 had proved that it is known to everyone and had showed that it is a reputed company. According to The Sultan Center’s brochure, in that period of time, Sultan Center had succeeded to own 63 branches in five different countries which are: Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, and Jordan. In addition, it had 7 industries and 21 restaurants. Furthermore, Sultan Center had 10 thousand associates...

According to wassim, Sultan Center corporate has a special way of advertising. In the beginning they do need to assess the things that they are going to advertise. Then, they make sure that their logo is on the advertisements. Finally, they need to know how to position the product that they are going to advertise in people’s mind. So by these steps or strategies, Sultan Center corporate does advertise itself.
Almost all companies have a strong relation with the media because it helps them in crisis periods, but actually Sultan Center corporate is one out of hundreds that does not have a relation with the media. According to Wassim, Sultan Center does its advertisements by itself,
and it has its own media that it uses. So Sultan Center corporate has its own media to advertise and it is the only one who is responsible of any advertises that hold Sultan Center’s logo.
The Sultan Center corporate follows specific strategies in its investor’s relations. According to The Sultan Centers Website, Sultan Center has set an efficient and active culture of labor or business for its group (Sultan, A). It sets a business management through a varied impersonation across The Sultan Center’s board of directors. Sultan Center investors depend on a comprehensive model (Sultan, A). In addition, they do depend on the governance model before introducing the regulation which is formed by the “capital market authority” (Sultan,...

Any business can be easily affected if there is no strong relation with the government. According to Wassim, business is the fundamental of innovations and jobs. So without business, there will not be new innovations. Business also cannot run without the government approved. According to Wassim, The Sultan Center has a great relation with the government. Government is supporting Sultan Center with subsidies, tax credits, and grants. So the government has a great and a big role in the business success.
Each corporate has a crisis communication strategies, that the corporates need when a crisis suddenly happen. According to Wassim, The Sultan Center corporate does not have any strategy about crisis communication. Actually, this is too bad for a huge company like Sultan Center. In addition, without crisis communication strategies, the corporate will be in risk. Preparing strategies for crisis actually helps. By preparing each person knows what to do, but unfortunately, Sultan Center corporate does not feature with this thing.
My recommendations to The Sultan Center corporate...
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