Sulla's Reforms

Topics: Roman Senate, Roman Republic, Lucius Cornelius Sulla Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: November 29, 2011
How did Sulla's reform program attempt to restore the republic?

Throughout the time of Sulla's command, Rome underwent many reforms in which were introduced with the intentions to restore the republic. Among Sulla's many attempts to re-establish the traditional roman republic, the most significant were his strong efforts to strengthen the senate, restrict the power of the tribunes and curb the influence of the magistrates.

By increasing the numbers of the Senate to 300 as well as allowing the inclusion of individuals from the Equestrian class, Sulla hoped to supply an adequate amount of jurors to the courts as the courts were in control of the senate. He also tried to prevent political interference from the Senate by recruiting ex-quaestors, thus overcoming the power of the censors and placing himself in a more politically stable position.

In continuity from this, the political castration of the the tribunes, specifically involved reducing their freedom of power. They no longer could propose legislation to the people, unless initially sanctioned by the Senate and they now had a limited right of veto and were deprived of their judicial power. However, most importantly, Sulla now deemed a position in a tribune as marking a dead political career, making it known that individuals occupying a position in a tribune were restricted to hold further office and climb the cursus honorum. The purpose of this reform was to ensure that the power of the tribunes was highly limited and thus, it would make it harder for individuals occupying this title to challenge Sulla.

Finally, the last of Sulla's main attempts to restore the Republic of Rome were characterised by his persistent acts to curb the influence of magistrates. He tried to achieve this through his redrafting of the 'Lex Villia Annalis', increase of praetor and quaestor populations and also by depriving censors to draw up Senate roles. This allowed the political and military struggles and challenges of...
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