Sula Character Analysis

Topics: Symbiosis, Parasitism, Commensalism Pages: 4 (1200 words) Published: April 18, 2007
A symbiotic relationship is a cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship between two people or groups. All living beings, weather you are the president of the United States or a homeless person living in a shelter, depend on symbiotic relationships to live a healthy and productive life. However, sometimes these persons can become greedy and decide to take more of the relationship than what they are putting in it. When this occurs, the relationship takes on parasitic characteristics. In the novel "Sula," by Toni Morrison, Nel Wright and Sula Peace demonstrate how a friendship can start out as a symbiotic relationship and quickly spiral into an unhealthy relationship. When one person in the relationship betrays the other by taking instead of giving, the other person will suffer. This is exactly what happens in Nel and Sula's relationship. This happens to there relationship because Sula makes some bad decisions which lead into a parasitic where she begins to deteriorate as a person. Nel refuses to take part in the same lifestyle as Sula. In the midst of her death, Sula finally realizes that she needs the symbiotic relationship with Nel to survive. The interactions between Sula and Nel began symbiotically; however, it develops into a parasitic one with the dependence of Sula on Nel.

The symbiotic relationship between Sula and Nel began in their early childhood years. Sula depended on Nel for comfort and stability, while Nel was drawn to Sula because of her unpredictable nature. They used the other's lifestyle to compensate for their shortcomings by placing themselves in the other's surroundings. When Sula visited Nel's home, "Nel, who regarded the oppressive neatness with dread, felt comfortable in it, with Sula" (Morrison 29). In the same way, Sula found a type of comfort within the Wright household. They took solace in each others presence. Sula and Nel each find comfort in what bothers the other. Nel finds the disorganization and homeliness of Sula's...
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