Suite française

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English 202

Most times in life we as human beings are face with unexpected, or expected challenges; some are able to cope, and others are not sure how. However, when faced with life challenges how is one suppose to cope; during that struggle or hardship is it possible to follow morals and values that one has been taught from birth? Does title and status matter when disaster occur? Do personal belongings matter or hold value at that given moment? In the book Suite Francaise by Irène Némirovsky many of the characters were faced with disaster, and life as they knew it changed; their morals changes, their personal belongings disappeared, and their social status and sense of themselves where challenged.

In Storm In June, the first of two parts in Suite Francaise, we are introduced to many different characters as the war is progressing. In the very beginning of the book when Paris is just a city being warned we are introduced to the Pericand family. The author states, “The Pericand’s were a cultivated family: their traditions, their way of thinking, their middle class, Catholic background, their ties with the church (their eldest son Philippe Pericand, was a priest), all of these things made them mistrustful of the government of France” (Nemirovsky, pg.6). From this quote we are able to understand that this family was a structured family, and that they had an accustomed way of living. as the the author continues to explain this story we learn that Madame Pericand is focused on the identity of her family and how they are perceived to the public. As the their story continues and they realize that they have to leave paris we see that this family is connected to their belongings. As they come to terms with having to leave they began to pack their things to take with them. the book lets us know that the car they planned to travel with was completely over packed taking linens, jewelry, and many other things. From this...
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