Suicide Rate in the Military

Topics: Suicide, Posttraumatic stress disorder, Soldier Pages: 5 (1821 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Suicide Rate in the Military:
What we can do to fix it and the toll on the Military

For years our country has been going through life dealing with issues and problems. Some things just disappeared and no longer were issues, others had to be dealt with, and some are still a problem. War is one thing for centuries we have had to deal with and resolve, many of us worry about the people in the military and how their lives are in jeopardy. We always think that getting shot or blown-up is the worse way to die and basically the only way to die. We lack the knowledge and realization that many in the military suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). This has cost many soldiers there life during active duty and even long after the war. Our military has been denying and is un-willing to look at the fact that suicide in the military is sky rocketing, it is a climbing statistic. Why do they deny this? Is it because our government and military are worried that young recruits will refuse to join due to the training they receive will never prepare them for what they see in war? There could be many reasons, but it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the rate of suicide just keeps getting higher and higher in the military. The average civilian suicide rate compared to the average military suicide rate isn’t even close anymore and will become worse; you can also look at past wars to our current war for these facts. The suicides have maybe always been there because of war, but

possibly the public wasn’t as aware. The public seems to be even less aware with the military pushing the issue to not report any problem that exists in relation to PTSD and/or suicide. The military has to deal with deaths every year, but they never thought they would have to start dealing with an almost career high rate for suicide. The military is in denial of the rate being so high, when they really should be acknowledging and trying to fix the problem. They think a simple way to get rid of this problem is by simply prosecuting any soldier that tries to take his/her life. That is a poor idea; these soldiers sign up willing to give their own life for their country. Just because they don’t die on a battlefield doesn’t mean they aren’t traumatized. If they fail at suicide they shouldn’t be thrown in jail they should be given therapy and get help. If soldiers start getting prosecuted for trying to commit suicide, then it will scare any solider to ever admit he has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. We should be trying to help these men and women who are on the line everyday trying to protect us; instead we won’t put any funding into programs that could help our veterans and current soldiers. If we don’t start putting money into this now, when will we? When it gets so out of control, when it’s on every news station and in every newspaper, it is getting to that point. More soldiers have taken their life, than have actually died this past year on the battle field. The main issue’s that researchers have found out that it may be for reasons like substance abuse, depression, PTSD or just coming home to no one because their family left them. One out of every 10 soldiers with depression or some other issue who is admit into a VA hospital has had success, the VA has successfully decreased suicide rates with men and women who stay in the VA programs. It’s just hard to get

every soldier in these programs that have an issue because of poor use in military funding or not enough funding. What’s even worse is that soldiers are told by their superiors not to report Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome because they state the soldier is just choosing an easy way to get out of the military. The military has been trying very little to stop suicide with only small efforts, like a nasal spray; the medicine from the spray is supposed to move into the brain stopping you from the thought of killing yourself. The military, especially the army, has come out with a book for...
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