Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention
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Suicide is a subject not often openly talked about, due to the stigma that comes along with it. On average, more than 100 Americans die by per day by suicide. 50% of these cases involve the use of firearms [1]. Suicide is more common in men, than women. Psychiatric disorders increase the risk of completed suicide, which is a suicide attempt that results in death. In the majority of suicide cases, most have had at least one unsuccessful attempt prior to completed suicide. Ten common risk factors for suicide are 1) Job loss 2) Previous attempts 3) Diagnosis of depression 4) Divorce 5) Loss of a child 6) Substance abuse 7) Diagnosis of psychiatric disorder 8) Bullying in adolescence 9) Terminal illness and 10) Family history of suicide. Ten factors which may reduce suicide are 1) Family support 2) Religious beliefs 3) Psychotherapy 4) Restricted access to lethal means of suicide (ex: guns, medication, knives) 5) Ongoing, permanent therapy 6) Exercise 7) Health promotion strategies 8) Knowing the signs of suicidal ideation 9) Teaching those at risk for suicide effective coping skills and problem solving strategies and 10) Joining support groups for those at risk. Along with the facts of Suicide, come the myths of suicide. One common myth is that suicide is an irrational decision that one did not plan. Those who have committed suicide usually talk about it first to their loved ones, and/or Psych MD. If one does not get help after unsuccessful attempts, they are more likely to develop a plan that they know will end in a completed suicide. These people don’t just wake up one day and say, “I’m going to kill myself today”. They have feelings of hopelessness and emotional pain, which gradually gets worse overtime if they don’t seek the appropriate help. Another myth is that suicide increases around the holidays. People believe that the holidays cause increased depression, especially those suffering from the...
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