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Suicide Essay

By prikiki2 Feb 24, 2013 420 Words
Giving up is Never the Choice
Imagine yourself finding out that one of your friends or a loved one had committed a suicide. How would you feel? Would you be able to handle yourself when you find out that a loved one has done such a horrendous thing? We sometimes don’t think about what other are truly going through. They always say that “The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets; the pretties eyes have cried the most tears and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain.” If you think about its pretty accurate people who always have a smile on their face and make it look like they’re okay even if they aren’t, have cried and have gone through the most pain. To the people who are thinking about giving up. Picture this you had another bad day and you decided you wanted to give up. Your friends and family find that out and all they could do is cry and blame themselves for not helping you out. The people who always thought you were the happy one hear this and can’t help but cry. The people that bullied you feel bad about what they did and everyone else? Blame it all on them. You giving up could lead to your friend or loved ones following the same path. Just one action that you make doesn’t only affect you but it affects the people around you. The most recent perplexing story that most of us have heard about is about a girl name Amanda Todd committing a suicide because of she was getting bullied by people. If you are going through hard times or even have thoughts about giving up, you need to realize hiding everything inside you won’t get you anywhere in life. You guys may think that there is no one out there to help you but trust me there is always this one person that’s always there for you. That person could be your best-friend or even your family member. But if you don’t talk to them about it then they can’t do anything but say they will be there for you. I know that when you go through it you think that no one will be there and you won’t believe them well the truth is they will be there. If anything you could always count on your teachers to help you because they would be more than happy to help you. ALWAYS REMEMBER SUICIDE IS A PERMANENT SOLUTION TO A TEMPORARY PROBLEM!!

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