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Suicide is an act of intentionally ending one’s own life committed out of despair, mental disorders and stress. The Filipinos committing suicide is a mind-boggling act and this paper would serve as an awareness to people that some interactions with the community: family, friends, peers, school, and network can affect even a teenage Filipino to give in to suicidal thoughts . . . which is rare given the fact that a Filipino at heart is considered as one of the happiest people on earth. The paper also aims to understand the mind of a teenager with beyond raging hormones on why would they commit such act despite of being called the happiest. Further research and interviews will lead this project to a series of paintings inter-connected with each other that will interpret the student artist’s understanding the a teenage Filipino commit suicidal ideation.

Keywords: suicidal ideation, community, teenage, Filipino, understand

Literature Review and Related Works
Suicide is a multi-faceted issue, sometimes an act of heroism, sometimes an act of selfishness, sometimes a brave choice in the face of pain, and sometimes an act of love.

According to experts Michelle Moskos, Jennifer Achilles, and Doug Gray, causes of suicidal distress can be caused by psychological, environmental and social factors. Mental illness is the leading risk factor for suicide. The risk for suicide frequently occurs in combination with external circumstances that seem to overwhelm at-risk teens who are unable to cope with the challenges of adolescence because of predisposing vulnerabilities such as mental disorders. Examples of stressors are disciplinary problems, interpersonal losses, family violence, sexual orientation confusion, physical and sexual abuse and being the victim of bullying. (“Teen Suicide is Preventable” 2004)

In a journal entry written by William P. Evans, Ph.D., Patsy Owens, and Shawn C. Marsh, another line of research surrounding adolescent suicide risk, and its correlates (e.g. depression) is concerned with family and community level factors. For example, research has suggested suicide risk may be in part related to adolescent's perception of isolation within a rigid family system. Higher levels of family conflict also have been linked to suicide risk. In addition, studies have begun to link neighborhoods with weak social networks. (“Environmental Factors, Locus of Control, and Adolescent Suicide Risk” 2005)

In the findings of Compton MT1, Thompson NJ, Kaslow NJ., it is indicated that social environment factors including deficits in family functioning and social support are associated strongly with suicide attempts among low-income African American men and women seeking treatment in a large, urban hospital. The presence of depressive symptoms, a well-known risk factor for suicide attempts and suicide, appears to mediate the association between social environment factors and suicide attempt. (“Soc Psychiatry Psychiatr Epidemiol” 2005)

“Why are teenagers killing themselves?”
According to Diana Mahoney’s magazine article, the question above accompanies nearly every headline about adolescent suicide. A litany of possible reasons follows, including drugs, mental illness, physical or sexual abuse, social and academic pressures, homosexuality, and media influence. Despite efforts to make sense of the tragedy of teen suicide, it does not fit easily into a standard cause-and-effect equation. Suicidal behaviors--completed suicides as well as suicidal thoughts and plans--in adolescents and teens are usually the result of multiple social, economic, familial, and individual risk factors. The interaction of the various elements rather than a single definitive condition determines actual risk. (“Teen Suicide: A Multifaceted Problem” 2006)

In an article written by Karen Springen, she said that “Wanting to die is not enough to trigger suicide. To end their own lives, humans need the guts and the means to carry out...
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