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Suharto was born on the eighth of June, 1921 in Central Java, Kertosudiro during the Dutch colonial era. Being a toddler, he moved from one relative to another because of the divorce of his parents. Suharto was able to bring Indonesia to a state of stability efficiently after Sukarno has stepped down in 1964. With his military background and tow (30 years). Suharto embodied the TAS values of courage, and responsibility, but he fell short on displaying respect, kindness, and honesty. He was courageous enough to lead groups of people towards his ambition. He was responsible during his presidency of recentralizing Indonesia’s government and military. Yet, due to the recentralization, the ordinary citizen's lost rights thus, demonstrating his lack of respect and kindness for them. His action of embezzlement and nepotism proves that he wasn't honest towards his citizens by stealing money from the government.  Courage means to be able to face your fears and stand up to what you believe is right, to be brave to never let go in following your dream, and to do it no matter what it takes to achieve your goal. Suharto portrayed this value by stepping up to his goal and to fight for it no matter what.After graduating from high school, Suharto worked as a bank clerk for a while but decided to enlist in a three year term Dutch colonial army (Koninklijk Nederlandsch Indisch Leger - Royal Netherlands East Indies Army) in which he started in June, 1940. He then got accepted to train as a sergeant in a military school at Gombong, located in Central Java. Just after a week of his training, Dutch surrendered to the Japanese’s invade.

In the time of the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, Suharto worked in the Japanese-organized Indonesian security forces. Suharto sees the challenges of Indonesia’s independence which made him decide to join the newly formed Indonesian army on October 5th 1942, the same day it was created. 1945, August 14th, with the Japanese giving up unconditionally, Suharto fought in the guerrilla forces towards the goal of Indonesia’s independence. He was chosen to be the commander of the 3rd regiment, after the independence, Suharto stays in the military and was promoted being a major general serving in the army. Yet, just as a major general, on September 30th, 1965, an attempted coup was directed and led by Suharto’s troops but was eventually blamed by the PKI (Indonesian Communist Party). This event was called the “30th September Movement”, it really shows how courageous this man is because despite the fact that he isn’t in a great position, he still takes the risk of acting as a leader not knowing the outcome. The first time he attempted, he failed, but he wouldn’t just let that failure crush him. He attempted again another coup against the communist party in which he succeeded; he was promoted again on October 16th to be in the position of minister for a commander of the army by Sukarno who is the president of Indonesia at that time. In 1967, the state of Indonesia is both economically and politically corrupt, Suharto was appointed as acting president. Suharto not only successfully reached out a hand to help seek Indonesia’s independence but was also responsible of what it takes to be a president of a whole nation.

Responsibility is to be able to take in the consequence of your actions, to be truly responsible, you must think twice or even more before you act. Suharto did follow this value for he, being the president of Indonesia renewed what the former president Sukarno had done to Indonesia. He brought Indonesia into a transition period where he adapted his New Order Government. This new order was separated into sections where they focused on the national security, foreign relations, and Indonesia’s economy. Suharto’s goal was to restore the order and at the same time the security of the citizens in order to...
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