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Topics: Management, Unit, Human resource management Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: December 18, 2013
Section – A
Q1 what is human resource planning?
Explain the factions of HRM
Q2 Define training needs assessment process?
Define the methods of training?
Q3 write short notes on
A) Succession planning
B) Career planning
C) Assement centre

Difference between prformana Appraisal and potential appraisal Q4 define
A) Job uvabation
B) Exit policy

Explain the phases of compensation management

Section –B
Q5 Explain in brief the recruitment & selection process & Define the HRIS? Q6 training & development is the at most need of modern indur tries comment? Q7 Explain performance appraisal & resent trades in Performance appraisal Q 8 Give a brief note on the recent trades on HRM & the future challenges & task of HRM Q9 explain the HRP process at National & corporate level

Section – c
The new manager

Mr. Avinash was appointed as general manager, administration in phoenix industries limited. He joined the company only about tow years back .prior to joining this company; he served another company for two years .he did his M.B.A. from a reputed institution. He considered himself as a high flier. After getting promotion as general manager, was quite enthusiastic about his new job .the post of general manager was sufficiently at high level. However, because of young age and lack of adequate experience, Mr. Avinash was considered as junior executive by most of his subordinates. The administration department of the company had four major subunits: purchasing, record maintenance, printing and secretarial services. Each subunit was headed by a manager. These four managers were directly reporting to Mr. Avinash. They had combined experience of over 80years with an average age of 45 years. Most of them had been with the company for the fairly long period of time and that too with their present units. Since, Mr. Avinash was...
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