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It is also known as desuggestopedia. It was developed by the Bulgarian psychiatrist-educator Georgi Lozanov. It is a specific set of learner recommendations. Among the subliminal influences the fears of the learners that they will be unable to perform and are limited in terms of their ability to learn is the main issue Suggestopedia deals with. It is believed that due to those fears and some other possible negative effects such as the physical effects of the learning environment, learners’ minds cannot process and retain information at the maximum efficiency.  This also leads to a lack of confidence and creativity. Thus it is significant to send all kinds of negative effects off the students’ internal environment (the self) and external environment (the classroom) through “desuggestion” by creating a learning atmosphere where all messages have a positive emotional content. In addition to this the memory banks of the learners should be filled with pleasant memories through “suggestion”. It is believed that if this was done, the learners would be able to overcome the barriers to learning and use their maximum potential capacity, which means retention and recall of what has been learnt in the long term. Characteristics

- Decoration of the classroom
- Furniture
- Arrangement of the classroom
- Use of music
- Authoritative behavior of the teacher
Memorization in learning by their method seems to be accelerated 25 times over any other conventional method.

Some techniques have been borrowed from raja yoga, from soviet psychology Lozanov started to think that any student can be taught a given subject matter at the same level. He says it is not important if students studies or not outside the classroom. Music functions

Music has three functions:
1- To facilitate the establishment and maintenance of personal relations 2- To bring about increased self-esteem through increased self-satisfaction in musical performance 3- To use the unique potential of rhythm to energize and bring order. Theory of language and learning

It does not exactly have a theory of language. He does not care about language elements or organization. He sometimes refers to texts and directs the duggestopedic to acts of communication. He calls language as “the material”. Authority

It suggests that people will remember better if the information comes from an authoritative source. Infantilization
Authority implies that teacher-student relation is like parent to children relation. Double-plannedness
Students learn from instructions and environment. The bright decoration, the musical background, the shape of the chairs, and the personality of the teacher are as important as the materials. Intonation, rhythm, and concert pseudo-passiveness

Varying the tone and rhythm makes the class less boring and makes it more meaningful. Pseudo passiveness refers to the relax attitude that is created with music background.

Design: objectives, syllabus, learning activities, roles of the learner, teachers and materials. Objective: to deliver advanced conversational proficiency quickly. Students must learn lists of vocabulary pairs, and set goals for themselves. A suggestopedia course lasts 30days, and consists of 10 units. 4 hours a day, 6 times a week. Each unit consists of a dialogue of 1200 words or so, with a vocabulary list and a grammatical commentary. During the course there are 2 chances for simplification of the material. Students will be provided a chance to practice what learned in the middles of the course in a setting where they should use it, and the last day that there will be a participation of every student. They must prepare a role play using the vocabulary studied. Procedures

I can use the language. I’m learning the language
Language is reinforced with music &/ teacher...

Bibliography: Richards, Jack C, and Theodore S Rodgers. Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching. 2nd Edition. Cambridge University Press, 2001. Print.
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