Suggestions for Hong Kong in the Treatment of Wastes

Topics: Recycling, Incineration, Waste management Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: March 21, 2010
Suggestions for Hong Kong in the treatment of wastes
{draw:frame} Short term suggestions
Establishment of incinerators {draw:frame} With the advancement of technology, incinerators nowadays are satisfyingly reliable. It is quite unreasonable for the citizens to reject the establishment of these incinerators. The Government should consult and explain to the citizen the advantages of building incinerator. It is believed that the establishment of incinerators could effective solve the landfill shortage problem in Hong Kong. Apart from that, many useful materials could be produced from incineration of solid waste. For instance, construction materials, plastics paper etc. More importantly, the electricity produced from incineration can alleviate the energy shortage problem. 隨著焚化爐隨著技術的進步,焚化爐是一個可靠處理垃圾的方法。市民拒絕建立這些焚化爐是很不合理的。政府應該諮詢和向公民解釋建設焚化爐的好處。建立有效的焚化爐可以解決在香港,垃圾場短缺的問題。此外,從焚燒產生的固體廢物當中,有許都是有用的原材料。例如,建設材料,塑料紙,等等,更重要的是焚化設施可以生產電力,可以緩解能源短缺的問題。 Encourage the development of recycling industry The development of environmental protection groups should also be encouraged. These groups play important roles in conservation as they permeate in society and often ask for business support. When more people are participating in these activities, the environmental awareness of general public would increase. 為鼓勵一般公民響應循環再造,政府應撥出更多的資源到各區成立更多的回收中心。通過這樣,不僅可以增加更多的就業機會,更可以令市民覺得更回收不同的垃圾是十分方便的。我們都知道,在公共屋村內,回收箱回收的垃圾的類別是很不足夠。許多日常物品,如舊報紙,金屬罐,衣服,塑料袋,電器,廢舊電池,玩具,CD和其他電腦元件,不能循環再造的垃圾都不能在這些回收箱回收。政府也應鼓勵不同的環保團體,因為這些團體在環保方面,發揮著重要的角色。當更多的人參與這些活動,廣大市民的環保意識將會增加。 Long term suggestions

Education There are many environmental protection museums in Japan which increase the environmental consciousness of students and general public. Hong Kong could consider the feasibility of establishing such museums....
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