Suggestion and Ways How to Reduce Road Accident

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Violence Is Never the Answer

I believe that violence is never the answer. This statement is what I have been carrying since the day I heard of it. Even though I believe that, it is hard to follow. With violence all around us, it is hard to know what is right and wrong. On one hand violence entertains us (movies, TV, video games, etc.) and on the other hand, violence is also the thing that can destroy us when we let it do so. Is there a difference between the violence we see in the movies and the violence we see in the real world? Any way you look at it, violence is violence. Even though I believe violence is never the answer, I would be a hypocrite if I say I never used violence in my life. My actions of violence are mostly done by self-defence, which in a way is some form of violence. I get into fights and used violence as my answer, not my words. I hit my siblings if I have to if I want them to learn something or maybe out of the feeling that I am in a higher position than them because I am the eldest. Whatever the case may be, I still use violence in some way or another. I sometimes think that saying violence is never the answer is somewhat of an ignorant answer to say. An example would be that of this kind of hypothetical situations. If you kill a man on the streets, you are considered a murder, but if you kill a man in war, you are considered a man of great valour. In either of those situations, you still committed an act of violence. Let us say this happens, a police officer who is in a situation where he has to kill a criminal that is perfectly willing to kill the officer or innocent. Is the officer willing enough to actually kill the person even though if he does so, might save people from harm? The police officer has to decide whether he will choose between his good and honest morals, or his sense of justice that it is okay if he kills the person if it saves many people.
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