Suggest Strategies to Minimise Effects of Challenging Behaviour in Health and Social Care Settings

Topics: Nursing home, Psychology, Behavior Pages: 11 (5626 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Unit 27
Assignment 3
In this assignment the author will suggest strategies to minimise effects of challenging behaviour in health and social care settings P3. The author will then discuss strategies used to minimise the effects of one type of challenging behaviour in health and social care settings M3. Finally evaluate these strategies for dealing with this one type of behaviour D1. P3

In health and social care settings challenging behaviour can arise daily or rarely but challenging behaviour takes many forms and is a certainty that health professionals working in the health and social care setting will experience challenging behaviour in their line of work. When challenging behaviour is present or arises there are many strategies that health professionals can use when dealing with challenging behaviour to minimise it. Ways in which staff working in the health and social care settings does this is by using coping strategies. A coping strategy is defined as ‘behaviour that helps people to function better in a given situation’, Challenging behaviour is a difficult term to define and is often misunderstood. Everyone has the ability to be challenging towards others at certain times and within certain situations. However, what might distinguish someone who is described as ‘having challenging behaviours' from the rest is really about characteristics such as the ‘frequency' and ‘intensity' of behaviours that may be a significant risk of harm to themself or others, or certain types of behaviour that may limit or work against that person's quality of life. Health and social care professional belief based on human rights and human potential that they have to work hard to include everyone with a range of support, to enable people to live their lives to the full, and they should do thier best for these individuals irrespective of the complexity of need or intensity of behaviour that challenges them. One strategy is positive behaviour management. Positive behaviour management is a strategy that works on the bases of preventing challenging behaviour or helping to address this type of behaviour if it arises by promoting positive behaviour. This is done through reinforcing positive behaviour through praise and encouragement. This is so that staff is positive with individuals rather than constantly being negative. Workers should focus on what people can and should do rather than what they lack to do and should not be doing to help encourage them and positively stimulate them to want to show better behaviour. This strategy can be used in such settings as school settings with all children but it works best for those children that are sometimes challenging through their behaviour or have behavioural problems such as ADHD. An example of how this works is a key worker such as a teacher asking the child to ‘please tell me in a friendly quite voice to answer the question’ instead of them using such negative terms as ‘DO NOT SHOUT’. This is an alternative way in which they may talk to other children that do not show signs of challenging behaviour because the child with ADHD may respond better to a more positive approach to encourage positive behaviour., A method used in positive behaviour management is the use of reward charts this works best with younger children and individuals that suffer from ADHA as they respond best to this. Reward charts are often created by individuals placing stickers on a chart or tallying a score (age appropriate) until they reach a target number which then means that the individual will receive a reward (age and situation appropriate). For example if a child in nursery comes from a bad home environment which is very negative for the child such as a household where alcohol or drug abuse is happening and the parents are neglecting the child then that child may come into t he nursery environment and show challenging...

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