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Burning Sugars lab
3rd Hr

Andrew Ativie

For the “Burning Sugar Lab” I was asked to make a prediction on what i might have thought the different types of products that would be produced from this experiment. I Stated that Water, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon would be produced. Because those were the elements that were listed in the product part of the chemical equation. The materials we used to conduct this experiment were 1 test tube, 8g of sugar, and a heat source.

Lab Question:
1. Name each substance that formed when the sugar was burned and reacted with oxygen in the air. Include the observation or description of that substance? a. The three new substances that were produced from the chemical reaction was CArbon Dioxide(CO2), Carbon(C), Water(H2O). The Carbon Dioxide was in a gas state. The Water(H2O) was seen as a liquid and gas. Carbon(C) was shown as a black solid

2. Name the state of matter that the three substances occurred in. ( Hint: One substance occurred in 2 states of matter)?
a. Carbon Dioxide was in a Gas state, Carbon was still in a Solid state, and Water was shown H2O was shown as a Gas and Liquid.
3. What caused the sugar to be able to change into other substances? a. Heat energy from the burner caused the provided energy which cause atoms in the sugar to vibrate faster eventually causing the atoms to split apart, bond with the oxygen molecules in the air rearranging into different chemical patterns then join back together forming the new elements.

4. Why did he black substance rise up in the test tube?

a. The carbon was lighter than all the other elements in the test tube so it wanted to escape from the bottom
5. Where did the water come from? Why did it change states?
a. The water came from the oxygen molecules mixing with the two hydrogen molecules that were broken up by the heat. It changed from a liquid and then to gas because of the heat that was being added by the burner.

6. Where did the extra oxygen come from to create the CArbon Dioxide(Co2)? a. The extra oxygen came from the free floating caron molecules bonding with the oxygen molecules in the air

How did the mass of the substance in the test tube after the burning compare with the sugar in the test tube before the burning?
a. The mass of the new substance was less than the mass of the sugar before the burning.

8. Explain why the mass of the substance in the test tube is not the same as the original mass of the sugar before the burning.
a. The mass of the substances after the burning differed from the original sugar mass for a couple of reasons. Because as the atoms of the sugar speedup and split apart they combined to form new elements. those new element had less

atomic mass altogether than the sugar itself as one single compound. according to the law of conservation of energy no matter can be created nor destroyed. So since that law is stated the only other way the mass could have decreased was by the steam created by the oxygen and hydrogen molecules combining.

The “Burning Sugar Lab” was a demonstration on how molecules breaking down and recombining into different compounds like Carbon, Carbon Dioxide, and Water. Which are the elements that Cane sugar is made out of. Cane sugar is kind of a carbohydrate with a chemical formula of C12H22O11. There were several objectives we were trying to get to in this lab. The first objective was to figure out what types of elements were going to be created by the chemical reaction from when the burning sugar reacted with the air. The second objective was to make an observation on how the sugar reacted. Then the third was to figure out why the new substances mass differed from the original Cane Sugar.

My hypotheses were that the elements that were going to be created from the experiment would be Hydrogen, Carbon, And Oxygen. I also predicted that The mass of the new substances would be the same as the original Cane Sugar. The mass of the test tube with...
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