Topics: Islam, Qur'an, Muhammad Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: May 25, 2007
Sufism is Islamic mysticism. The term has come to mean those who are interested in inner knowledge, those who are interested in finding a way or practice towards inner awakening and enlightenment. Sufis implement the Quran and Prophet Muhammad as their guides to becoming the best Muslims through their specific worship practices. The Sufis primary forms of worship involve the five pillars and the remembrance of God (Dhikr) through recitation of the many names of God. Sufis believe in order to attain full purification on the soul one must follow the perfect model of the Prophet Muhammad. Sufis go beyond the norm to reach a level of inner knowledge and spirituality. Sufis pray the five mandatory prayers and also pray five extra prayers in between those. These are referred to as the supererogatory prayers, which are prayed in the morning, mid morning, early afternoon, between sunset and evening, and late midnight. Sufis feel that by fasting throughout the whole year, like the Prophet Muhammad did, one can attain inner purification of the heart and soul. Sufis practice fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, due to the fact that the Prophet fasted on these days. They feel fasting these extra days that the Prophet did, brings them to a higher level of spirituality and brings them closer to God. Sufis feel that fasting extra days reminds them year round to eliminate the thought of material things and diminishes illicit thoughts and focuses on cleansing of one's inner self. Sufis focus on attempting to reach higher levels of faith(iman) by also performing what is known as Dhikr, or remembrance of God through recitation of the many names. "The most important class of Sufi practices involves recitation of divine names as a kind of meditation" ( Ernst 92). The divine names of God are recited again and again, either in solitude silently or aloud, or in company silently or aloud. "Study of Hadith was a central of Islamic piety and for many Sufi...
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