Topics: Slavery in the United States, American Civil War, Southern United States Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: June 6, 2013
True/False Texas was not able to get any European nation to recognize it as an independent nation. True/False Slaves were generally healthier than whites in the South. True/False Masters encouraged slaves to accept Christianity because they believed it would make them accept their lot in life. True/False The Oregon question was finally settled by Britain surrendering claims below the 54th parallel. Multiple Choice Southerners who believed in the "positive-good" theory argued Multiple Choice Northerners who accepted the concepts of "free soil" and "free labor" believed Multiple Choice The single event that did the most to convince white southerners they could not live safely in the Union was Multiple Choice Abraham Lincoln

True/False The South, like the North, changed from an agricultural to an industrial economy during this period. Multiple Choice The Dred Scott decision
True/False There is little evidence that southern planters had sexual relations with their slaves. Multiple Choice The Compromise of 1850 included all of the following EXCEPT True/False Most southern whites who did not own slaves opposed slavery and resented the planter class. Multiple Choice The Wilmot Proviso

Multiple Choice The war with Mexico was criticized
Multiple Choice The question of statehood for Kansas and Nebraska became a critical issue because Multiple Choice Who of the following did NOT support the Compromise of 1850? Multiple Choice Transcendentalists believed that

Multiple Choice The first great American novelist was Multiple Choice In his essay "Resistance to Civil Government," Henry David Thoreau claimed an individual should Multiple Choice Like other experiments in social organization of this era, Mormonism reflected Multiple Choice The Oneida Community

Multiple Choice Evangelical Protestantism added major strength to...
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