Suffering in British India

Topics: British Empire, Colonialism, East India Company Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: September 2, 2011
In what ways did India as a whole “prosper” and “suffer” under the British colonial system

As miriniae has mentioned, India underwent great change under the British administration, with the development of new services & technology in transport, agriculture, and education, just to name a few.

Although the country flourished under colonial rule, the self interests of the British prompted new problems and suffering for Indian people. The chief motive of the British in India was to establish political control through the exploitation of economic and commercial conditions in the country. The British were focused on expanding their Empire through India’s wealth, resources and power, often compromising the welfare of the Indian people. Indians were denied the pledge that they would be of equal social and political status of their English rulers. The impact of 200 years of British rule can be questioned as after Independence, the country had the scenario of a nation prevailing with hunger, poverty and low national incomes.

The British were able to recklessly exploit India's natural resources and drain the wealth of it's citizens through the imposition of excessive taxes, one of which was the salt tax. Nearly one third of an Indians wage was directed to tax which funded all the new enterprises of the British. Indian revenues paid all the bills yet workers were poorly paid and exploited in the British labor force. They suffered under this system unable challenge the political authority of the British through much of their debilitating reign. In government, the British occupied the majority of high positions in India’s government and lack of experience in politics and administration left Indians without knowledge or practice of governing their own country. The British outlawed certain social and religious practices such as ‘sati’ and imposed oppressive administrative laws. The main aim of the government was to collect taxes thus, the British were able to...
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