Topics: Thought, Mind, Psychology Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Success is never linked with luck, you may accomplish something but accidently doing something but that won’t always be the case. To get things done in life you are going to need more than just something called luck. For things in life to get accomplished and for a person to become successful they need to be motivated, smart and think with their minds. The first thing a person needs when they want to succeed in life is motivation. Without motivation it seems impossible to accomplish anything. Every person needs a goal that they strive to reach and for them to reach that goal they need a reason to why they want to accomplish it. The reason can vary from something personal to just a common thing, but it is that reason that pushes a person to going after their goal. Another reason for success in life is smart thinking. Some may wonder how this has anything to do with success but it plays a major role. To accomplish things you are going to need to make some choices that may be hard to make but are the right ones. You are going to be able to know what happens if you choice option a or option b, and to do that a person has to understand and be smart with their choices. They can’t be childish when it comes to trying to make their goals achievements. Finally thinking with your mind is also a reason for success. Many people may not agree with this but if you were to analyze it, it makes sense. To be able to accomplish things a person can’t really depend on their heart to take serious choices, and some things in life need a mind to choose them. Sometimes the heart is too soft to take serous choices and these choices may stop our success from happening. So in most cases thinking with your mind usually leads success. To sum it all up, success does not happen because a person gets lucky. It is something that happens because a person used their mind though things out and saw what needed to be done. Luck does not really play a big role in achieving goals, the mind and a...
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