Sucker Punch Movie Analysis

Topics: Film, Actor, Film director Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: March 30, 2015
Part 1 of 5: Analyzing the story
1) Consider the script for the movie, or its writing. What was the story, plot, and dialogue? Did it keep you interested? Was it believable? Were you provided with all of the information you needed to follow along? Is the dialogue believable? Do the characters have arcs? Is the story interesting and believable?

2) Analyze the backstory. Was it a low budget or high budget film? What sort of work have the actors, producers, and directors done in the past?

Part 2 of 5: Analyzing the acting
1) Identify whether the acting worked well or not. Did you believe the characters? This does not mean whether you like the character portrayed or not, but refers instead to whether the acting helped you to believe the characters were real. Are the characters played well? Do they seem like real people? Have the actors had to change their body drastically?

Part 3 of 5: Analyzing the elements
1) Examine the setting and background. Does the setting fit the scene? Are the background actions distracting or do they steal your attention? Is it believable or way too fake? 2) Assess the costumes and props. What are the characters wearing? How does it fit the mood? Are the costume changes important and noticeable? How well did the props play in? Were they useful or too obtrusive? Are the costumes believable? Or, are they distracting? (Only use when necessary, for example, a period drama.) 3) Consider how the music fits in? Is it distracting or too soft? Does it help move the movie along?

Part 4 of 5: Analyzing the filming techniques
1) Analyze the camera techniques. What sort of shots does the director or cinematographer typically use? Why did he/she use them and what is the impact? What types of camera shots does the director/cinematographer use? 2) Examine the pacing and organization. Does the movie flow well or is it choppy? Too quick? Too slow? Was it in any sort of discernible order or was it confusing?

Part 5 of 5: Putting the review...
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