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There is an English proverb saying, “Success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with your hands in your pockets”. Personally, I totally agree with it: people aren’t born successful, they become successful. However, we are rarely told how exactly to reach the success, but, analyzing the philosophy of some persons who managed to become really great, we can see some common points.

The first tip is to take pleasure from what you do. Doing things that you consider really attractive, important and worthy is the best motivation. Many people give up their activities just because of becoming bored with them and not feeling at their right place, so they can hardly fulfil their potential. Take, for example, Bill Gates who said, “First I take up a hobby, then turn it into business”. From an amateur talented programmist he managed to become on of the most wealthy and successful businessmen in the world. So, think over what you’d like to get into.

The second point is to believe in yourself. If you have found something you strongly want to do in life, be courageous and prepare to overcome laziness and various difficulties. There will definitely turn up some people who will say that you’re no good at this activity, but it’s you not them who should decide about it.

The next thing is to think positively. It especially concerns your attitude to failures. You should better accept these mistakes as some new experience, not as the sign to give the business up.

And, finally, arm yourself with patience. To reach your goal, you will need much time, not the day or two. When you see a prosperous person, remember that his way to success has most probably been hard and long, while most of us only see his results and have an illusion that he caught his luck easily. If you have ever watched Paralympic Games, each of the participants who became professional sportsmen despite being disabled is an excellent example of outstanding patience and fortitude.

However, we don’t always...
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