Succession Planning in Business Management

Topics: Management, Planning, Business Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Researchable titles
1.Succession Planning In Business Management
2.New forms of communication and its impact on social interaction 3.The role of HRM department in employee retention policies. Topic: Succession Planning In Business Management
Research Problems

(1) Lack of a sufficient pipeline of talent;
(2) Inability to motivate and retain key employees;
(3) Lack of company vision and failure to address future needs


• To identify those with the potential to assume greater responsibility in the organization • To provide critical development experiences to those that can move into key roles • To build a data base that can be used to make better staffing decisions for key job

Research Questions

i. How to identify employees with key skills to be able to take over greater responsibility in the organization? ii.How can we make use of training to develop and equip employees to be able to move into key roles in an organization? iii.How can we keep track of the employee’s competence and work ethics to ensure better assumption of key roles?


i.Family can take over if proper succession plan is done.
ii.Company must keep rewarding/motivating employees to be able to keep competencies in an organization iii.Constant customer surveys, employee appraisal and work results can determine that an employee is ready to succeed

This easy is about succession planning in business management. The main themes touched upon are the meaning and types of succession planning management within an organization. There are many field of business planning but this particular topic is chosen to address issues on the identification of employees with key skills, training and development, employee’s competencies, potential responsibilities, key roles development and staffing decisions, how employees are recruited and developed, leadership positions and experience with individual...
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