Successful: High School and People

Topics: High school, College, Special education Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: April 1, 2014
Tamera Wilson
Mrs. Jenkins
English IV/0091 College Prep
24 February 2014

My standards are set high as I watch people try to bring me down each and every day. They try to tell me all the negatives things on how I’m not going to be anything. This makes me want to try harder. All my life I been struggling and stressing, that’s why I came in a pathway with aggression. Where I’m from I see nothing that can lead me to be successful in life. I had been though the worst but I still give my best. God made my mold different from the rest. He broke the mold so I know I’m blessed this is my world. As I trials and tribulations I will achieve it all school, career, and family with or without people.

During my years as a student in high school I did not believe I would make it this far. From the way I would listen to the people who brought me through hell and back, no I didn’t assume I would make it this far. I just was thinking about the negative and hurtful things people would tell me throughout my years. I took what people thought about me to a place where I began to believe it myself. I will have my education, and still try to prove people wrong. My currently GPA is a 2.7 wow; right I’m proud of myself. What can I say the years they brought me down look at me now? I’m currently graduating early; I was supposed to be a student from the class of 2015. Instead, I decided to get out of school early. People sometimes question why I made this decision. Personally sometimes I try to ignore their question. Some people think I’m doing it because of my sister, not at all. I had all my credits to become a twelfth grader, so why stay in school for another year. When I could be on my next journey to become successful. Since I have been in school the ACT test really not for me. I know it’s important, but I’m not going to take it. I want to prove people that brought me through hell and back throughout my high school years. I would make it somewhere in life with...
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