Successful at College

Topics: High school, Study skills, Homework Pages: 1 (434 words) Published: May 15, 2012
Successful is achieving or having achieved success; having attained wealth, position, honors, or anything. College, it’s a big thing in a person’s life. It’s take a step into the real world. None is going to tell you what to do or how to do something in class. College students try to balances academic, work and social all at ones and it can be stressful. College is where one begins to find themselves and explore the world. It’s the start of where your life begins. The first step in being successful at college is being motivated. One needs to have a good mind if they want to success in college. No one can motivate you more about college then yourself. Remember you can’t just skip school or someone will tell you to go to class. You pay for your classes in college, so if you don’t go to class it’s none fault but your own. Also, college puts more responsibility on a student. Most students don’t tend to pick the right choice when it comes to college. They think their social life is more important than their academic. They think going to party and being popular is important than studying, getting a B.A. degree, and having the career of their dreams. The next step to be successful at college is having good habits and planning. Good habits in college would be having good study skills, attitude, test-taking skills, and listening skills. The biggest challenge that is different from high school and college would be that teachers in high school would teach, and in college the professors’ lecture. You have to prepare yourself because a professor can change a lesson plan if they want too. You should always look over at the syllabus to stay on track of what you’re doing in class. You should go over your notes, highlighting key material, and make sure you understand them. You should plan when you need to study and when you hang out and party with your friends. Putting your school work before everything else shows you being a successful student. In conclusion, being...
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