success of Thomas Edison

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Success of Thomas Edison

No one can contradict that Thomas Edison was truly a very successful person. He not only invented the first commercially practical incandescent electric light bulb, which is generally acknowledged and admired by most people, but he also invented many more other things which are definitely beneficial to mankind. Besides, he earned more than 1000 patents throughout his life and they were all recognized worldwide! All these examples show that Thomas was undoubtedly a very successful inventor.

First and foremost, he had a very supportive family since he was a child, which is a very important factor for his success in his later life. Thomas was born in a middle-class family and since childhood, his head was already considerably larger than average which may be a reason why he was exceptionally intelligent. His mother, who was very well educated, was very imperative in his life because she was the first one who was aware of Thomas’s remarkable intelligence. Knowing that her son was disliked by the teacher for his persistent questioning behaviour, she immediately withdrew him from school for home-teaching by herself, so that he could learn more effectively and efficiently.

Furthermore, his parents encouraged him to use library materials, mainly books, for independent and self instruction, which included many science works. They even hired a private tutor to teach him science at home. From all these pieces of evidence, it shows that Thomas’s parents had successfully given nurture to him through their constant support and encouragement, developing his interest in science and his own method of thinking. That’s why his parents were really influential to him. Besides, he always tried to prove things out of his own examination and experimentation, which was conducive to his success later on.

It must not be neglected that Thomas’s natural talent also contributed a lot to his success. It...
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