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Social Networks has totally invaded our everyday life. But are social networks built on success? What are the many problems that come with using technology along with the success as well? According to Nielsen’s 2012 Social Media Report, “Americans spent 121 billion minutes on social networking sites between July 2011 and July 2012, up from 88 billion the previous year”. Even on apps there is a lot of time spent on social networks. For instance, at home we are surrounded by technology. We use everyday television to know the latest news, or ovens that tell us when the meal is ready. Even the medical field has seen its improvements in technology As a result, using this entire gadget made us almost incapable to do the same things without them. Moreover, students and business men always use their computers or tablets to work or to study, because with them, their tasks are easier to do in today’s world.

Online social networking is when a person connects with other people online through certain websites. Social media is online media that is interactive, that means anybody can create it. The most common for young person today include Facebook, instagram, tumblr and Twitter. Each person creates his or her own account and page, and posts information, photos, video, and comments. When a person “friends” another person through a social networking site, that person can then access the other person’s page and make comments, upload photos and so on. Right now, most they think social networking is the best way to connect with others and it can improve a person's social life. While there are risks inherent in online social networking, there are also many potential benefits. Social networking can provide opportunities for new relationships as well as strengthening existing relationships. Furthermore, people can use them as source of information and news. No doubt, Facebook, instagram, and Twitter are most powerful social media and social networking site. “About 67 percent of people in the U.S. uses one of the three social networks” (Social Media 2013: User Demographics for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram - AllTwitter. N.p. web) They can use them to connect with your family, friends, work colleague and to meet new people. Specially, this is the best way to find their school, college or any other old profile. Most of the people who know how to use computer and internet, have a profile on Facebook. Moreover, it is easy to find likeminded people by seeing their interest and they can easily connect with them using wall updates, private message, poke or text and video chat. Facebook can also be used as video chat tool. “Recently Facebook implemented Facebook video chat feature in partnership with Skype and now they can make video call to their friends using Facebook inbuilt video chat app”. (Why Social Networking Sites Are So Popular." Social Networking Guide RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 06 May 2013.) This facility can provide opportunities for new relationships as well as strengthening existing relationships. They are also ways to date others with these social networks. They’re dating sites like eHarmony to help give people the relationships as man and woman.

Social Networks are a great use of entertainment in today’s era. From games, to television, to pictures, music players, social networks will keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the word. It’s so addicting that it controls our daily lives and continues to grow and become a must in life. “Technology has become the great equalizer of the entertainment industry” (Nielsen Survey: Social Media Sucking up Most of Our Time." PC World. N.p. Web. 18 Apr. 2013.). Creative tools that were once way too expensive for average folks are now dirt-cheap. Home computers can turn into studio if you may like. And that means anybody can be the next Taylor swift or Justin Bebier given the right talent and the smarts to do it. “While the entire entertainment landscape...
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