Success Must Bestow Humility..

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True Definition Of Success
Throughout our lives, we all work in order to someday have a job, family and ultimately be successful in life. But what truly defines the meaning of success? One meaning of success is the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors ( Although one can be successful by accomplishing his or her goals, true success is attained when one can bring about achievement and prosperity in others as well. In today’s society, we see too many people consumed by idea of success that they single themselves out from the rest of the world. Too many of us view others as a potential barrier to their path to success. In today’s world, this selfish environment can be seen in both school and sports. In the past year, I had been having a tough time with my Calculus class. My lack of problem solving had showed in my previous exams. It was the middle of December, the peak time for midterms, when I was at the library, gritting away on a tough problem. I had spent at least an hour on this problem and still couldn’t figure out how to solve it. My exam was on the subsequent day and all I needed was some help. It was too late to go to office hours, so I decided to get help from a close friend of mine. Jake had helped me many times in the past and was also nicknamed the “math wizard”. We had been good friends since high school and I could always rely on him. I walked casually towards him and asked for his help on the problem. Jake, however, refused without any hesitation. “Shantanu, this class based on curve and the more people I help the worse it is for me”, he replied without making any eye contact. I was in utter shock. I stood beside him for a moment trying to soak in what he had just said. Soon, I went back to my book thinking. Jake was ready to give up a friendship for a grade. His addiction with getting good grades was in turn hurting both of us. Not only had a lost a lot of respect for him, I was astounded that he was once my...
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