Success history of Swarovski

Topics: Wealth, Family, Imitation Pages: 2 (425 words) Published: November 3, 2013
The history of success of the Swarovski Company
Danielle Swarovski was a person who managed to impart love of the high society to the crystals that imitate brilliants. In 1891 Swarovski created the first machine for electric polishing of glass. At that moment Danielle decided to try him in a business field. From 1895 Swarovski Company began to release its crystals. But they differed from brilliants by a more democratic price. At the beginning of the XX century the company was simply overloaded with orders. The increased demand for its items has led to the company’s expansion. After that, Swarovski employed 200 new workers in addition. And soon three Danielle’s sons were involved into work of the company too, which made the enterprise really familial. Swarovski products outmarketed the competitors notably thanks to a number of patents and a secret formula which is still unknown and remains a key factor of company’s success. Danielle Swarovski died in 1956. However, the family business was put so well that this loss didn't stop the development of the company. One of the most important events was Manfred Swarovski’s invention of technology which allowed to create color crystals. No one did it before him. Quickly enough the multicolored items based on this technology began to be in demand of wealthy people. Later the company started the production of collection souvenirs. Already soon it was formed the club of Swarovski collectors. Other companies are trying unsuccessfully to unlock a secret of unique production of Swarovski for many years. Today its very few secrets have become known. In particular, we realized why their crystals shine so brightly. It is so because of an oxide of lead. At last, we should also value its unique polishing of jewels. The staff of the company perfectly understands that their goods are inimitable. That’s why after production of Swarovski items the founders destroy documentation on it. All the tools using at facetting...
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